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~Online consultation

~Simple ceremony at your desired location in Ohio

~Signing of the marriage license

~I'll take some photos so you can share your news with family and friends


Simple Wedding or Elopement
A Personalized Wedding

~3 Online Consultations-

Meeting 1-Let's meet and discuss what you value and your vision for your wedding day.

I personalize and create a unique script and ceremony for your wedding.

Meeting 2-We review and edit the script as desired and talk about aspects of marriage and tools to create a greater future.

Meeting 3- Closer to the wedding date we finalize the ceremony. We also prepare with visualizations, balancing techniques, and facilitation.


~Wedding Rehearsal and Blessing

Meeting prior to the wedding for an event rehearsal. A Blessing of the wedding space.


~The Wedding

I officiate the wedding service at your desired location in Ohio and sign your marriage license. I wonder how much ease and joy we can create for your wedding day? 


Vow Renewal

~Online Consultation

~Customized script and ceremony unique to your desires and vision

~Officiating The Wedding Ceremony at your desired location


Loving Couple
Beach Wedding
Image by In Lieu & In View Photography
Wedding couple
Couples Hug
Image by Vadim Paripa
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